Hello everyone! I am Ter

Hey all, I’ll introduce myself real quick, at least I’ll try…

I am a Dutch guy, and I was bored, wanted a Civic because that was the car I had the most fun in in all of my previously owned vehicles. Then I saw the price for garbage Civics and thought : too much money and waaaaay to easy, and difficult to stand out.

Then, an intern told me he was selling his '99 Cuore. I had been admiring his car for a while, for the wrong reasons. I bought it on the spot. So, now a few months later and having watched a few videos about these machines, I finally am the proud owner of a beast of a machine.

I wish I could add pics, but I am on mobile and I don’t understand this interface yet…

So, hi to everyone, and I hope to learn a few things here!


welcome mate. I use my pc on here and am hopless on phones so maybe one of the other’s can help with uploading pics via phone.
Really looking forward to seeing the beast of a machine :slight_smile:

Welcome! Any plans you have for the car?

Uploading pictures is easy :slight_smile: just press the upload button while you are typing (in the right bottom corner next to the monitor picture…

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Well, that was easier than I imagined.

I am going to:

Respray in a Montana Black color. Thinking about teal…

Lower it
Put in a Twingoroof
Put in a roll cage
Fix the head gasket
JDM pipe
Fender nuts and arches in the back
Big wing
As much gauges as I can possibly get working