Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! I’m Thijs de Boer, 21 years old (1998 born) and currently studying again to become an industrial designer.

I’m the owner of an 2002 Daihatsu Cuore L701 DVVT. I’ve been on the facebook group for 2 years already. Being a daihatsu enthusiast and also cause i’ve owned a 1999 L701 before. But now i realized i’s better join the real forum aswell!

I’ve already fitted a new steering wheel momo rep.
On a HKB Sports steering hub
Sparco 14 inch wheels running 155/55 r14 tyres (neolin neogreen cause i had to drive very economical, doing 1l per 19km)
Tr front bumper (to be painted)
And more to come.

It’s a slow process but i’ve decided to go study so the car is semi top priority haha.

Anyhow. Hello again!


hey mate welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

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Nice Dai. Looking forward to following the progress.


Nice pics!!!

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Welcome and i like the Cuore and i hope you keep us updated on any work you do to the car.

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Welcome! Love that steering wheel and that gear knob

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