Hello fellow enthusiast new here :)

Hello to all My name s Jono
Based on the Gold Coast Qld
Welder/fabricater for 11years
Long lost member of the diaforum community haha
Finally thort I better start a new account here

Being playing around on Daihatsu s for 5 or so years now , owning and experimenting on many so familiar
With l200,l500 but mostly l700 so always happy to help or try and help another out of stuck for knowledge

I currently have a l700 cuore
And in the process of its 3rd and final turbo setup
With also a fully built engine consisting of
Bored ,honed 3mm oversize
75mm vitara Pistons
Forged rods
ACL bearings
Ported and re reconditioned head
Custom 2mm copper head gasket
Custom head studs.

Turbo setup
Custom made intake plenum with ca18 throttle body
Stainless Steam pipe turbo manifold
Housing a kinugawa td04-14 t (5cm rear wheel)
2.5" turbo back stainless exhaust
Custom made intercooler and piping

Custom made direct clutch
Solid center 3 puk with 2kg of material taken of flywheel
Target hp for this setup between 200-250hp @30psi




Hi Jono and welcome (we’ve been waiting for ages you to arrive [back]). And at the risk of sounding like a broken record I offer, for the second time in a week, this greeting

Welcome Back Jono Been following your new build on FB and glad your gonna put it up in here really keen to see how it turns out :+1:

Looks like an interesting build mate. I’d love to check out more pix
I should prob jump on Stalkerbook.
I have an account but I’m rarely on there.
Will def follow your build thread.

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Welcome to the new forum.

Welcome dude, ive been following your progress here and there on facebook.
Looking forward to your documentation and being able to follow it properly :+1: