Hello from a Kiwi in Salzburg

Hi everyone,

Just got my hands on a 2006 Daihatsu Trevis here in Salzburg, Austria. Bought it in Munich over the weekend and in the process of importing it into Austria.

I enjoy the challenge of working on my own cars and learning more about mechanics as I go. Looking forward to browsing these forums for knowledge and hopefully adding value to this community.




Hi Joe,

Welcome. Nice score on the L700/Trevis. Looking forward to some pics and some story behind your Dai and interest in them.

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Welcome mate!

Welcome mate.
Keep us posted on the progress.
I’m sure you will find all the info you want on here. Everyone is more than happy to answer any questions.


Congrats on the Trevis, its a great little car. Don’t see them a lot unfortunately but fun for sure.
@Mr_Gormsby I think its an L650 in this case (the new model)

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Hi Mate

Welcome to the livetodai
Congrats on the Trevis/Mira… looking forward to seeing some photos :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum

Thanks for the welcome!

The story behind getting the Trevis is quite simple. I got the order from the Mrs that we needed a car because it’s too cold to ride the scooter in winter. The requirements were small, cheap and have 4 doors. Add my own requirements that I can’t have anything boring and BAM! Trevis shopping. Pretty sure I nailed that job! ]So far I have to say we are falling in love. It’s perfect for hooning around tiny Salzburg streets.
Here’s a pic of Trevor.



that looks sweet as I love it. I get caught up in the stuff I’m doing I forget about other models and ones I havent seen and this is awesome, do you have a front view pic? To me it looks like a cross between a sirion and a L700 cuore or is it just a 4 door L700?

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Front View.