Hello from Adelaide, Aus

Here’s my L80 project I’ve nicknamed ‘Buddy’ which has an ED20 from a Move. Slowly figuring out how to get it working again and looking less like a nugget.


Awesome! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: What are your plans with it?

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

First step is to get it running. Previous owner did the engine swap so I have to figure out what is left to do.

Ah yes the famous “almost done” engine swap. Good luck! The people around here are really helpful when you supply them with great stories and pictures :wink:

welcome mate looks like a good resurrection project you have got :slight_smile:

Just to let you know also. When the manuals section does open up to you there is a move L601 manual in there and it has the ed20 ecu and electrical etc in there. It should help you out if needed.

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Hello and welcome to the forum fellow Adelaide dweller.


Oh yes I will need that. Looks like the body harness was swapped over too. One thing I’m definitely going to need to figure out is fuel, going from mechanical pump to electric.

you may have to go to a high-pressure external pump or if lucky enough the tank may have provisions to put an in-tank one in. the intank pumps can be cheap. brands like kemso and or look for osias ( I think they have cheap inline ones too) I have used both kemso and osias intank and both have been fine and performed better that the OEM ones and about half the price.