Hello from California! 1990 Daihatsu Rugger - New Owner

Hey all. Got a new to me 1990 Daihatsu Rugger 2.8L in pretty great condition overall. 75k km. Was owned by an old man who kept it in a storage container for who knows how long and then bought by an offroad enthusiast who decided it was too nice to off road. Now it’s mine.

Looking for other F70, 75, 300 owners out there to chat with. I’m trying to source rear leaf springs and transmission parts and it’s hard getting someone to ship to the US.

Have lots of questions about transmission compatibility between models. Did Toyota Blizzards have same trans? OEM Synchronizer sourcing, ect. 2nd gear synchro’s seem to be bad.


Great dai. Welcome

Wow!! :open_mouth: That’s a beast! :japanese_ogre: Nice ride you got there!! :star_struck: Welcome, you and your Dai! :grin:

Welcome and very nice looking unit.

welcome mate that looks like it was looked afetr pretty damn well. I guess the time in the container really did it justice.

Welcome mate! Very nice dai you have there!
Dai’s are quite unique in the usa arent they?

Yeah, I definitely didn’t do homework before buying this. There are a handful of gas powered F300 Rocky’s here, bus at for these longer wheel base diesel’s, they’re almost non-existent. Yesterday I was trying to find another one for sale anywhere in the US and I only came across 1 other one. I am going to have to start bribing you european and ausie guys to send me parts. I dropped it off at a mechanic and he immediately got mad at me for how rare it was.


Haha nice, if you ever need anything pm me. Id be glad to send you parts. I have friends at the Dai dealership so i can get oem parts as well.

Thanks I appreciate that! The main thing I’m after is possible replacement synchronizers and/or gears for the transmission. The only info I can find on the trans is that it’s called a “5VH” but I return nothing when searching for it. It looks like I can get OEM parts through toyota under their OEM Toyota Blizzard parts catalog and if the transmission in the Blizzard is the same as what’s in the Rugger then I’m golden, but I can’t find whether that’s the case or not.

I don’t know if you’ve still watching this thread, but i just traded for a Rocky for a daily driver. Luckily, I do work for toyota and will be pressing for what i can find for it, and have a buddy in Japan for a couple of years (also toyota worker) . Any pics of your ride? Im located in WV, got the Rocky in Indiana

Hey yeah I’m still getting updates on this. Still got the rugger also. Let me know if you find out anything from Toyota. Mostly I’ve been getting parts from Australia and have some buddies in the UK who could ship me something if I need. There’s a guy in Oregon who deals rocky parts if you need anything.


Awesome, so far what ive ordered has been more locally sourced, but the back window is going to be a bear. But I am definitely enjoying the simplicity of this Rocky to tinker with.