Hello from Chile

Hello everybody :grinning:

My name is Nicolas. I have a Daihatsu Sirion M101 mix of daily use and track. (for now).:sunglasses:

Sorry for my bad english but it is not my native language (i try do best), anyway I present my car, I hope you like it.



Welcome Nicolas,

Chile, wow! The M101 is a fantastic car. So under rated. Would like to know more about your racing?

eres inglés es mejor que mi español (translator used).


Your sirion looks great!

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Welcome! Had a M101 myself and it was a lot of fun. Really missed it recently at our track/sprint event. Would love to hear what you’ve done to it.

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Thanks very much, for now i participated in trackdays once a month.

I have plans to open a thread in “proyects builds” so that you see the advances and resolve my questions :stuck_out_tongue:

For now I leave a video of the car on track :wink:

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