Hello from Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Posting here to say hi! I bought a 1.3 Sirion a few months back as a sidekick to my Mazda MX5.

Currently the plan is to have a daily car that I actually like driving instead of it just being plain transportation. I’ll be doing some mods, but probably mostly just cosmetics or fun things. My Mazda is already on semi slicks and coilovers so I’ve already got a car for the weekend.

A few weeks ago I put on different wheels that a friend had lying around. The ones it came with were in no position to put the whopping 75kW to the ground. I’ll be getting a proper set of wheels some time in the near future.

Very curious as to what others have to their Sirions. I can’t seem to be able to find a whole lot about them except on this forum. Getting anything other than standard parts from junkers seems mostly impossible here. For example, recently a bicycle hit my front bumper so I figured it’s a good time to get one that’s a little different. I know they exist, but I’ve have yet to find some actual information on them let alone one for sale.

Anyway, here are both of my cars.


Welcome Bunny a good pair of cars you have there.

I recently saw a sirion that was stock looking but where the chrome is (same as yours). They have painted that black I think is does quite a nice look instead of the chrome. It is a white car though. I think it is in one of the videos in the recent Queensland track day. Check in the events section and you may find it if you was to have a look.
I presume your sirion maybe the ejde or ejve version? I know here in Australia the gtvi version came with a body kit in and a k3ve2 engine incomparison to the 3 cylinder ejde which did not. It looks like you already have side skirts and possibly the rear hatch wing?
I hope you find some of what you are looking for in the forums. :slight_smile:

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Love the pale blue metallic. Great car.

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Kiekhier, nog een Dai-eigenaar uit Lampegat!

Nice to have you on the forum, I’m curious to see what you’ll do to the Sirion!

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I have the K3VE I think, it’s the 1.3 4 cylinder with a 7.5k redline.

I’ve got the hatch spoiler indeed!

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Oorspronkelijke kattenmepper wel :shushing_face:

I think I might have seen your car a few times I think. Haven’t seen another blue Sirion here yet so feel free to wave or honk :slightly_smiling_face:

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There used to be one near the police station (woensel), not sure if it’s still there though. And will do!