Hello from Germany, Bought my third Dai this year

Hey there,

I’m into the mira’s and cuore from the 2000. so l701 is my favourite.

I Bought my First cuore in january this year. This one died After 5000k’s. After Short Time it was clear that we will Need another one. So now we are Unding a RSS 4 doof ej-ve As a daily.

Just recently Bought a 3 door cuore for some Weekend Fun.

I have already Been on the racetrack with the 4 door. It was really Great Fun.
Looking forward to spend some Time Here!


welcome to the forums :+1:

welcome mate good to see more people from everywhere in the world.
Would love to see a pic or 2 of your Dai’s

Welcome to the forum, sounds like a bit of an addiction you have going there, not that it’s a bad one :slight_smile:

Moin! Ich war mir nicht sicher, ob du meine Einladung erhalten hast, aber es scheint, dass du es getan hast!
I will switch to English now,
Which Bundesländ are you living in? I am curious what type of events you have raced, do you have any experience with ADAC clubslalom?


Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing some pictures of your cars.


Thank you for the welcoming words.

I will upload some pictures this weekend when I switch notebooks.

Some kind of addiction might be right;)

I am located in Hessen, Rhein Main Gebiet @ Mick.

I just watched some slalom in Mainz Finten Airport, but didn´t participate yet. I am just at the beginning. I was at a Trackday with another car of mine in Hockenheim this year, and also at another airport trackday with that car.

I took my 4 door cuore to the Nürburgring Nordschleife for a couple of laps. I will also post some of that this weekend!

I still don´t have too much clue how everything works out with slalom or hillclimb here.

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So good to have another member into doing some competition in their Dai.

Nürburgring Nordschleife is on my bucket list… Even if it’s in a daihatsu!

Welcome to the forum, looking forward to learning your story.

I try to upload some pictures from the First cuore/mira

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Now the red one…