Hello from germany


i am Leo, 30, from germany.
after i killed my first own car, a L7, i accidentally bought a 30 year old Charade G100 about 5 or 6 weeks ago. I postet this one on facebook and some people asked me if i can start a build log here - so here am i.
I hope to get some advices and tips or tricks, because i am a very shitty mechanic.


welcome Leo. Great you are doing a build thread :slight_smile: I look forward to reading and seeing the progress :slight_smile:

Welcome, looking forward to the build :slight_smile:

Welcome, glad you have joined us. I think most of us started as quite woeful mechanics.

Welcome :hugs: I owned charade G200 EFI version

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Please start a new topic for your first post. "hello from Germany "is Leo’s thread. Please make an intro one of your own.

Thanks buddy