Hello from Greece

Hello everyone,

My name is John, I’m from Thessaloniki Greece. I have a Daihatsu Sirion M100 989cc with 56HP. I inherited the sirion from my late father. He bought it new in 1999. The car had twelve, rough years with me, as a new driver. To be honest, I never thought it as a great car. But now, I have been started to apriciate its value. It’s not a fast car, (yet), but I can see that it has the pontential to become a fairly fast ca,r for its class and to put in shame some heavier cars with 1200cc motors (excample: Seat Ibiza 1998- 2000, VW Polo etc). I speak of course for cars betwin 1998 and 2002 max with 1200cc motors max. The problem is that we do not have many Daihatsu aftermarket in Greece to tune the car nicely. So I hope you can help me with tips on my road to “glory”, LoL!

It’s nice to be here!


Welcome John. Great story. Like you it took me years to appreciate the m100. I once had one with the 3cyl. Do you get the gtvi 4cyl version in Greece? Really quick little things. We can help out with what you might need. How much of the work will you do yourself? What sort of workshop facilities do you have? Are you just wanting to bolt parts on or looking at internal upgrades?

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Hello, yes my sirion is a 3 cyl. I don’t know if the 4cyl m100 came in Greece. If you are talking about the 1.3cc M100, M101, M110 and M111, then the answer is, YES!

Unfortunately, the bad news are that, I had a crash totay… A dimwit woman driver, violated a stop signal. She crashed onto me on the front left side (driver’s side on Greece). Thankfully, no one had been hurt, but but the Sirion is to the “doctor” for “checkup”, if you know what I mean.

Let’s see the bright side:

  • I will change bumper and nickels, which were in my plans for replacement. I will see if my insurance can cover a m100 1.3 bumper with the fog lights LoL!
  • I will change my left light. If I remeber corectly, the bracket for the H4 bulb was broken there anyway. So, another fix just solved.
  • The left wing of the car was ok, but it will be replaced by the insuranse. All in all, not bad. The benefits of the accident are more than the loses!

By the way, the light broke, but the hazard bulb and my chinese led H4 bulb survived!

Well, about the work on my car.
Things I will do my self:

  • Change on brakes
  • Put funnel filter
  • Replace spark plugs with iridium
  • Add gasoline filter (I check the car manual and there were nowhere to be found. And I could not find it anywhere on my engine bay)
  • Change factory tapestry to leather

Work that will do the experts:

  • Change the old, stuffed, factory exhaust to a new, free kettle exhaust.

I don’t have any facilities, except my storehouse, where I keep my tools. My occupation is plumber, so I have many tools.

As you can tell, I want to change some parts on the car, without changing the motor or puting heavy stuff, like turbo etc. Small changies to gain some speed on the start and to boost top speed.

When the car is ready, I will post a new thread to check my progress.


Somewhere in my thread is a similar version of this induction plumbing but on the current engine which is now EJ-DE.


The mod increased torque as measured on the 18% 1km plus long hill that I live on. Other mod’s done and found to make noticeable improvements were: headers/extractors and going to an 1 7/8" exhaust with a ZZR1000RR Ti muffler; 266lph fuel pump with a return line added to the fuel rail and adjustable fuel regulator; significantly lightened fly wheel, super light pulleys on alt and water pump plus lightened harmonic balancer; alu veriner belt pulley with 5deg retarded timeing; and some work to the throttle body.

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