Hello from Malta

Hi all, I’m Peter from Malta. New to the forum and relatively new to the Daihatsu world.
I’m an auto mechanic by trade and all round car nut. I don’t have any particular brand which I stick to, but I never really cared much for Daihatsus until a few years ago.

Around 4 years ago I started dating this girl who has a 2006 1.3 Sirion (M301). The first time I drove it I loved how grunty the k3-ve was but also realised how let down it was by the rest of the car, high driving position and very little steering feedback being the first things I noticed. So I started looking at what could be done with these engines. This led me to discover the world of little Daihatsus and all the swaps and upgrades possible.

Well, being an auto mechanic, I started servicing and repairing her Sirion as well as her family’s cars. Now her brother happened to own a Perodua Kelisa, which as you all know is basically an L700 (Same dad, different mum). I loved this car and realised how different and alive it felt compared to the M301. Fast forward a year or so and her brother needed a bigger car so I got the Kelisa off him and started enjoying the Daihatsu(ish) life.


The Kelisa has remained basically stock with only small stuff being upgraded, like the radio being replaced with Nav unit from a Renault, Sirion M301 discs and calipers and a new 1 ¾ inch exhaust. Being in constant use and my only drivable car I couldn’t do much to it.

Now earlier this year an old friend of mine decided to sell her beaten up 1.0 Sirion M100. I looked the car over and realised that, although the only dent free body panel was the roof, it had low milage, interior was immaculate and it drove great. I got the car cheap with the intention of either it being an engine donor for the Kelisa or doing it up on the cheap and making a quick buck but after fixing up the essentials like a busted headlamp and bumper and using it for a couple of weeks, I have decided to keep it for now as me and my girl’s spare daily.


That brings us up to present day. Next year I’ll be marrying the sirion girl  so I’m flat out trying to finish our home at the moment. When the wedding and honeymoon are over, the Kelisa can look forward to a new 4 cylinder heart.


bonjour u jilqgħu

and congratulations!

Hi an welcome wow what an intro and looks like youv’e caught the dai bug and a nice lady also. :slight_smile: Congrats on the future wedding and look forward to hearing more about the kelisa with the new heart. :slight_smile:

Welcome mate.

Hello from Australia, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Cool to see a kelisa on here :+1: sounds like your enjoy the daihatsu life, there great cars! Glad to hear your girl has one too haha, looking forward to seeing the kelisa progress

Welcome to the forum mate. :+1:

Welcome, I did not know they sold the Perodua on Malta, do like the kelisa front.

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys and for the congrats.

Been having a look round the forum. I love the friendly atmosphere and the fact there are plenty of well informed and experienced users ready to share their experiences with beginners, a far cry from some other forums I’ve been on.

@grg200 yes they sold them through the local Toyota dealer in the early 2000s but don’t anymore, and only sold a few models. I think only the Kancil(L200), Kelisa(L700) and the Rusa van were available.