Hello from melbourne

Hi all!!!

I’m Michael from melbourne… i have a 1992 topless which I found in broome pushed up under a tree for the past 2 years… as I was living and working in Broome I traded 2 slabs of Carlton cold for it…

on my 10days off work, I flew back to Melbourne and brought a l200 mira… pulled it apart and freighter up pretty much a entire car to fix this topless… long story short… after 9months of working a fixing the car up… finally it was registered with personalized “toplesss” plates… driving up to broome from Melbourne in 2 weeks to bring it down here… hopefully when the weather warms up a road trip to QLD is due to meet u all, also a sticker is needed


G’day and welcome to the forum.

Hi and Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: loving the car as i was also lucky enough to find a topless :smile:

Hi mate welcome :wink:

welcome Michael I remember when you first got this such a bargain and looks so good now :thumbsup: