Hello from netherland

hello my name is pieter , my second car was a charade 1.3 sport .
then only daihatsus had several g100 and a g200 GTi an applause last was a g100 sedan unfortunately crashed on circuit Zandvoort and now looking for g100 hatch




Welcome. Pics some time if you would not mind

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welcome to Live to dai :slight_smile:

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dont no how, found it


Welcome fellow dutchman! nice cars!

How did you crash on zandvoort?

you can see on https://www.instagram.com/charadesgbrothers/

oh shit mate, no damage to youself?

no only mentally

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bad enough though. Lets put that crap behind you and start new and fresh! really looking forward to meeting you sometime! look at my posts there is a meet this month.

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I’ve seen the crash on IG, really sucks. I’ve seen a g100 hatch with a 1.3 turbo for sale in the Netherlands might be intresting for you

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i have seen it