Hello from new Daihatsu owner, New Zealand

Hello! Thanks for the inclusive nature of this community. Neat idea. I’ve purchased a cheap CX Charade (1.3l HC) still running fine but with a blown head gasket. it’s in lovely condition and sitting at 100,000k’s, so I felt it was worth saving it from the wreckers.

hopefully there’s some info kicking around, maybe a workshop manual. Thanks, happy tinkering :slight_smile:


Welcome Kiwi brother (or sister). Do let us know how it goes and please do add some pictures.


Good on you for saving a low km G102, mine had 97000km when I got it 11years ago, it has recently just clicked over 200k.

I am based in NZ too, all the best with the head gasket job - its not a difficult job once you know how.

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Thanks everyone.

I’ll start a new thread regarding the project if anyones interested.

I’m going to check the oil cooler behind the oil filter for damage before looking at the gasket as there was a significant amount of oil in the coolant, but no coolant in the oil. There’s no over heating or smoke in a 20-30 min test drive and the car idles and seems otherwise fine.

There’s no visible bubbles when the radiator cap is removed. Occasionally I’ve seen a few bubbles in the expansion tank, but don’t want to jump to conclusions as I changed the coolant to get rid of the oil so maybe there was still some air bubbles after topping up and burping.

Or is it normal to see a few small bubbles in the expansion tank in these cars? Especially after changing the coolant?

Thanks again, I’ll get some photos up soon

Hi mate these motors are particularly bad for having air in the cooling system after a coolant change. A few bubbles wouldn’t concern me in the expansion tank. Maybe even try giving it another bleed.