Hello from New Zealand

Hi, I’m Beanz and I have a 2001 Daihatsu Sirion GTVi (M100RS) that I plan on outfitting for occasional track days. I picked it up last September at 109,000km. I’m the third owner, and the previous owner owned and maintained it for the last 15 years.

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It is by far the lightest and most nimble car I’ve owned, coming from a 96’ Mitsubishi VR4 which weighed about twice as much according to google. Its a great daily driver and there honestly isn’t much that I feel I need to do in terms of modification. I’ve ordered some new components for the shift mechanism as there is a fair bit of play in the movement but other than that and some wheel/tyres its about as close to perfect as a subcompact fwd hatch can get.

This forum is one of the best I’ve seen and has already helped me sort out a few things to do with wheels/tyres. I’m looking forward to being a part of the L2D community and giving updates on my Sirion.



Welcome to the forum Beanz, that’s a nice looking Sirion :slight_smile:

Welcome Beanz, The gtvi is a pretty good car out of the box. I’m glad the forum has helped already. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Bro theres a few of us doing track days in auckland if youre in the area
If youre considering race days theres a dai control class starting next season for k3 cars too :wink:

if youre keen to meet or swap war stories drop us a line

I’m down the other end of the country right now but plan on moving up to the Auckland area next year/year after. Appreciate the invite, Ill definitely check it out :slight_smile:

all good bro

Welcome Beanz. Great car, new they were underrated and exceptional value. My only criticism was the driving position was too high for me and steering wheel a bit far away. I only ever had a 3cyl version, still good though.

Absolutely agree that the driving position is too high. I’m 6’1" and my eye level is right up near the roof line. I know bride make several seat rails and brackets that supposedly grants a -30mm drop in seat height, though these require an aftermarket seat. I plan on ordering a new seat sometime in the not too distant future, just not sure how much I want to spend yet :sweat_smile:.

If you have a mig or tig and somewhere to work -

I pulled the base apart and lowered/refabricated it plus re-sculpted the the squab and backrest foam. I also added some more bolstering welding in extra steel for the backrest and squab wings. Fencing wire C clips and clip tool to put it all back together.