Hello from NL

Hello all, im bas, 17 y/o from nl.
working as a mechanic and looking for my first car, my boss offered a 1992 charade with the 1L 3 cil carburated engine which he bought off the previous owner a couple years ago. even after sitting for around 3 years with a little juice from a jumper pack it roared to life. after giving it a once over is barely has any rust, broken or worn parts, or leaks. most mayor problems are heavily faded paint, ripped seats, leaky left axle seal and a few bushings.

having introduced myself, does anyone know if there are seats from other cars that are a direct bolt in? or is it easy to reapolster the seats and bench myself?


welcome mate. nice score on the charade. Im not much of a help with seats etc as I have had a great deal to do with this model of charade. Could you use seat covers until you find some seats?

i could, it came with some but they were very dirty and worn. im also in no rush, i’ve got 9 month until im 18 so theres plenty of time.

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haha no worries, I don’t know what age for driving etc rules are in nl. :slight_smile:

Welcome Bas. One of the better looking basic boxes of their day.

Welkom! Any other plans you have for the charade? I have no info on the seats in afraid. But there should be people who know :slight_smile:

At 17 you can get your license and drive with you parents. At 18 you can drive yourself.

Don’t get me started on all of the other rules that apply but those are the general rules.

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not planning much for a first car, just get it ready for the inspection and a sports steering wheel. if i ever feel like it i might change the wheels but thats all i guess


Yeh In australia it varies from state to state. In most you can get your learner’s at 16 (drive with full licenced driver) then you get provisional licence at 17 or 18 depending on state. you have provisional for 3 years. I’ve lived in 3 different states and it all gets confusing lol


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: the 3 cyl Charades are fairly hardy, keep up regular services and they last for years :slight_smile: as for the seats, you are best off looking for a local vehicle trimming shop that can do it properly first go :slight_smile:

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i’ve looked at getting them redone but it cost more than im willing to spend on just seats