Hello from NY!

Just got my 99 L700v last week delivered from Japan, and the next morning my BRZ died on me, so for now she’s my new daily driver, learning a lot about this little nugget and looking to learn what’s needed to swap the EF-SE motor I have with a turbo setup


G’day and welcome to the forum. The cola colour is pretty cool. It’s a unique look.


I also love that colour. Welcome to the forum.

I love that color scheme!!

Thanks everyone, bought it on a whim from beforward.jp had no idea what I was getting into, previous owner lowered it and had it painted, looks like she was the base model and I’m loving it so far.

My new coilovers are being delivered today from Japan!! I ordered the Largus Full Adjustable Coilover Kit for DAIHATSU MIRA L700V/L700S it was the only one I could find that would ship to America