Hello from NZ!

Hello Everyone - Mira owner in the past (didn’t know you guys existed) and currently in the process of buying a Midget (if not this one, then another one when I can find one)


Hey mate welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


welcome to the forum, Midget’s are so cool :slight_smile:

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Oh, do you have a photo of it to share? Those are sweet. Maybe it’s time to admit that that’s what my new mystery car is? :smiley: I saw one listed for 18k in a nice colour but with horrible mods the other day - is it that one or another that’s become available?

Nah I know the one you mean and wasnt that one. It was one that had been thrashed a bit and was hoping to restore it to its former glory, turns out its got a lot of rust and clearly spent a lot of dormant time outside, had a yellow respray (over rust that was clearly bubbling up)

Mine is corroding already, too, also outside. Need to give it a rain coat or something. Small enough to :smiley:

Mine has some worse rust inside the chassis rails that compliance missed too, I only know because I shook some flakes off driving it and one was too big to escape the drain holes. I’ll get it all cavity waxed at some point, ideally soon. But bigger fish to fry right now so may be naked until next summer.