Hello from NZ

Hi everyone

Just bought myself a very tidy L5 Mira. Been garaged it’s whole life and owned by a single old lady for 99% of it - She only sold it at age 94 when driving became impractical. Drove 600km down country in my mates L5 to pick it up, drove it right back - Was the first time it’d left the town it was sold in! Bit hairy on the drive back as I’m on the North Island of NZ which had been experiencing torrential rain and flooding just a few days prior, but the little beast didn’t skip a beat. Good fun through some windy gorges!

Short term plans are Sirion brake swap, LSD jackshaft install, and eventually I’d like to EJ swap it.


Welcome Zip,

Sounds like the L5 you scored is a rare gem in these days well done!

Would love to see a pic :slight_smile:

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Agreed, pics would be great! Sounds like this L5 might be in great condition!

Here you go! Mines the red one. The silver jobbie next to it is my coworkers. Taking it this Saturday for undersealing and waiting on a DOHC EF head I’ve bought. Be hitting the scrapyards this weekend for EJ pistons and bits and pieces for a Sirion brake upgrade, too.


very nice indeed. I presume that when you say a sirion brake upgrade, you have done some research and know that the front rotors/calipers etc are not a simple swap over/ bolt-on upgrade?

I’m not sure about in NZ but here in Aus the dohc head is more like an ejde head without the injector holes in it as they are carby and not injected and have an extra gallery that your sohc block won’t have.

Sure have! Only hurdle might be sorting drive shafts, but uprights and LCAs are no issues to obtain.

The head you’re talking about is off a 660cc, is that right? Likely to be the same dealio here - Engine code is EF-GS.

Do you know what the go to sort the extra gallery is? Can it be cut into the SOHC block?

Alternatively if the carb 12v DOHC head will fit right onto an EJ-DE block I can easily obtain one of those.

I don’t want to go fuel injection!

are you saying your carby now? with a sohc?
Also dont forget L700 Lca’s with the change over to 4x100 stuff

Correct. ED-10.

Oh your ed10 My mistake I thought you were ef/el. L500 over only came out with efgl (dohc) or efel (sohc),
The extra Gallery is an oil gallery that the ejde has but the ed doesn’t. I guess if your staying carb then I would just grab the ejde block with the ef dohc head atleast the you will already have ejde pistons etc?

See pic for extra gallery I am referring to with ejde and efgl

old bad pic but this is an ef/el block but it is the same style as ed
with no extra gallery

wait found my old ed block with ejde pistons in it and here is a pic of an ej piston next to ed piston also.

EJ block it is, then. Was just doing a bit of reading, some folks are saying the EJ block with EF-GL head gives a pretty boost happy CR too, so that’s a plus. Probably would have spent as much boring out the ED10 as I will on an EJ block so no loss really, and it means I can keep the car running while building the engine. Thanks for saving me a bit of an annoyance!

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Just curious Also have you seen the intake manifold for the efgs? I just wondered if they were different due to being for hijet etc. I honestly have no idea on that one and am genuinely curios

that’s all good man that why the forum is here is to try to help where we can. :slight_smile: I know I dont always get it right but I try where I can. So many more on here more knowledgeable than me :slight_smile:

Not sure about the manifold, but I’ll let you know once it’s here. Being sent from the other end of the country via my works other office so it might be a good week before I have it.

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For my first LSD jackshaft I managed to figure a Daihatsu solution. From a large bucket of Daihatsu drive shafts I did find the right cv and spline shaft combo. I don’t know any more as to what the exact parts were. I think outer cage I used had to be flipped 180deg from normal.