Hello from one of the very few Charade owners in California

Hello everyone, I’m glad I found this place. As it says in the title, I live in California and am the proud owner of a 1991 Daihatsu Charade. As it sits it has 218,000 miles on it and will soon be transformed into a dedicated auto x vehicle and or canyon car. I look forward to finding out more info and sharing tips on what I call “CharadeLife”. In the USA, there is very little information available on all things Daihatsu since they only imported them here from 1988 to 1992.


Hello and welcome to the forum.

welcome mate I think there is some engine manuals etc in the manuals and tech catergory that may come in handy if you ever nee them.

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Welcome to the forum, is your car the 3 or 4 cylinder?

I have the 3 cylinder with a 5speed.

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Thanks for all the warm welcomes!

Hi mate welcome.

Hi Paul, I’m in Sacramento Cali and had an 89 Charade CLX. I sold it to pay some bills but I have alot of knowledge and really nice rare parts if you are interested. I bought some parts from England and Japan. Email me is ok: actfast1234@gmail dot com

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Hi Paul

Welcome to the forum!
Looking forward to hearing what is like to own a daihatsu in the states

Hi! :smiley: Welcome to the Forum Paul! :smiley: I didn’t even know Daihatsu sold cars in the U.S. Haha.

Thanks MadMax, I’ll shoot you an email! As for everyone else, I’ll be starting a thread to document the adventure thus far and what I plan to do with it in the future.


Hey how ya going man .