Hello from Serbia! Daihatsu Applause MK2 1999

Hello guys. Im working on applause mk2. Now i have two cars (one is parting out, and another one is project car)


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: what plans do you have for the project car?

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this two are the only two in my country. Mk1 are also mega rare, less than 10 road legal.

Silver one is so rusty and it was smashed on the front at some point of his life, so i decided to swap almost everything on the green one. And the gearbox on the silver one is automatic so i swapped complete engine with trans on the green one.

Plans for this year… to make it runs again and to finish bodywork for painting

I was drivig many applauses for more than 10 years and i cant wait to drive this one again.

this is my old car (you can see the white doors on the green one)


Hello and welcome. Looks like you sure do know your applause’s. Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome! Great to see some of these. I never see them over here.

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Nice. They look really classy. Welcome.

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Here is some progress from yesterday. After swapping the engine and transmission from the silver one and messing with immo, car finally runs! Now Im focused on the bodywork because “winter is coming” Unlucky i have time only by weekends so progress is slow but hey… i’m optimist! Plan from now is to paint the car before 2023.


these are TSW 18 4x100 7j et35 and im searching for 205 35 R18 tyres
also, i have one retro 80s set of Fondmetal Canonica 14" 4x100 so they also needs refurbishing.
Im thinking about 18 for summer, and these 14 for the winter.





I bought myself another project :slight_smile:


Bane, can you reupload the pictures?

i didnt realise that images are not uploaded correctly :slight_smile:

I can see them all fine

Its been a while… i was busy with my job so i didnt have time to work on the car as much as i want to. . Tempo is slow but progress is there

[Processing: 20230803_201708.jpg…]

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after grinding everything with 240 sandpaper, i put the filler coat on it so im able to see the imperfections


Painting was easy to do, there is some orange peel, but it will be polished at the end.



i have to adjust front and rear bumper, also the spoiler on the rear and to paint them. i have to decide in which way i will do that. mk2 door trim or two tone mk1 look with 2 colors on the bumper. what do you think?

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well done mate! Such a nice job. It looks great!

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Thank you so much! It was my first time painting whole car. In the store, they give me wrong hardener for clear coat. when everything was wet after spraying, there was no orange peel, but tomorrow, when i’ve checked… I was a bit dissapointed with a result. But hey… 0 runs from clear coat, thats more important, because i can easily polish this orange peel