Hello from South Aus!

Hello there Ladies and Gentlebots, my names Hamish from South Australia, or you may get to know me as Candy the Handi.
I recently rescued an L80 Handivan out of a paddock where everything just goes to rot. The car is being turned into what will be a cheap daily driver, so as I go through the journey of bringing it back to life I will post updates for any and all interested!

1986 Daihatsu Handivan L80V
ED10 850cc
5 speed manual
Factory Rose Metallic paint
Factory 4 seater but have removed the rear seats as its completely impractical.

What I’ve done so far is cleaned up the infestation
Completely stripped, cleaned and pressure wash the car, including the interior.
Dash bolted back in, seats back in, carpet back in all nice and fresh.
Plugs, leads, battery. Just trying to get it running by itself now not just on aerostart. Any tips or pointers, give me a shout!


Welcome Candy the Handi! please share a pic here also of that lovely handi!
As I replied on facebook. After you fix the electrical gremlins you currently have check the fuel pump is pumping fuel to the carb. and that your fuel filter is good and no blockages in your fuel lines.
With some carby car’s in the past I have had to use a hand over the carby method while cranking (briefly as it will suck on your hand hard) to get fuel through the lines and to the carby. This will help suck the fuel to the carby along with the fuel pump.


welcome to the forum, you have the rare 5 speed :open_mouth:

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Thanks guys! Bit of an update:
Cleaned and installed the interior, removed the rear seats as they will be useless hahah. The infestation was real, godamn I hate spiders.
Have managed to get it to run, not very well but I’ve now rebuilt a carb, done points and condenser, now to properly set the timing, replace radiator, give it a good flush and I’m set to go!
Have some small wiring issues I need to sort, painting the bumpers satin black, have a little custom exhaust I will be installing as this one is quite rusty and full of holes, also be installing a ‘blob-eye’ Subaru Wagon rear wing for a bit of a funny touch. Will upload more photos as I progress!