Hello from Southern Germany

Hi @ all,

My name is Manu and I am from Southern Germany. I am living 50km eastern of Stuttgart.

My family owned a 3door L80 and a 4 door L201 in the 90s.
I always wanted to own a L80 or a L201 but I never had the chance. In Germany these models are very rare. Every now and then one is for sale and in January this year I found one in a barn. Its a 3 door 1994 model in very bad condition on Amil wheels.
It has rusted fenders in the back, the engine wasn’t running and it was very lousy painted.
I am in the process of repairing the car and changing the engine to a EFI. To do so I bought a L501 and parted it out.
I added some photos, one shows the car on the trailer (it was kinda funny, because it was almost to narrow for the trailer) the fresh painted fuel tank and an impression of the rear fenders.

I have read alot of posts here and I know people will advise me to swap for an EJDE but in Germany the technical inspection (TÜV) will not approve this engine swap. Even an EFI swap is hard to get approved…


Welcome to Livetodai Forums Manu-L.

There is nothing wrong with the 850cc ed engine. I find they are quite a strong engine and to go efi is good for reliability but you will have the low rev limited and other stuff also. There are also a few fellow members from Germany here also.
Also You can check out the German Diahatsu forums also. I have heard nothing but good stuff from there also. I tried to join but got stuck with the language barrier on the Question for member ship as I could not translate it or write the answer in German.
I look forward to seeing the progress with this little one and how you go with TUV.

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Welcome. Great find. Getting uncommon here. Looking forward to hearing more.


[quote=“evilhighway, post:2, topic:5962”]…You can check out the German Diahatsu forums also. I have heard nothing but good stuff from there also…[/quote]You might find it quite unpleasant there, at the moment. The more experienced and knowlegable members there tend to habitually quit the sight, as soon as they no longer own a Daihatsu.
The sight it also quite arbitrarilly moderated and not the friendliest, such as many, if not, all German-language forums.
In any event, I would be more than happy to help translate your material for you, if you decide to venture into their forum

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Thankyou I may do so In future when I get to it but not of importance for me at the moment :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum Manu :slight_smile: I own an EJ-DE swapped L200, it has the standard L200 EF-EL 5 speed gearbox in it and even though it is fun to drive it is also annoying as the final drive ratio is high, I don’t use 1st gear unless i want to crawl, and 100kph is around 4400rpm, not really good when the engine redlines at 6200rpm. the only way i would recommend anyone swap to an EJ is if they also use the EJ gearbox which would also require the shifter and shifter rods.


EJ box is also stronger. Just a much better design. I can’t remember the diff ratio but most EF-EL 5 speeds are low something ridiculous like 4.9:1


Funny that you mention the German Dai Forum. It’s probably the first car forum I have registered to.
I never had problems with unfriendly users there.

My goal is to bring the car back to the streets and learn a lot about these cars.
Unfortunately we never had TRXX or other fancy models in Germany so we have to work with what we got.

An EJ-DE is not impossible to get approved in Germany but this requires an new emissions report and a drive test which both are very expensive. There might be more hurdles but these are the first that come to my mind.

Right now I am studying the wiring of both cars and see where I end up;-)