Hello from Sydney, new L700 owner

Just purchased an 02 Cuore as a cheap run about to replace my ep3 that i’m selling. Always been interested in cuores and mira’s and finally bit the bullet. Such fun little things to drive, initially I wanted to fit in a k3-ve but after reading the mod guide, i don’t want to go through all that trouble. Will probably work on sorting the suspension first with lowering springs and will keep it like that for a while till the motor blows and then decide what I want to do.

On another note, what tyre pressures does everyone run on the stock 13" steelies? I pumped it to 32 psi but it feels, i don’t know how to describe it, but maybe the tyres are a bit too stiff?

Cheers all


Welcome to the forum :smile: work your way down from 32psi to about 26psi over a few weeks and see what feels best.

hey mate welcome. Good to see your gonna consider what you want to do after reading the mod guide. I have heard a few people say that they should have kept the ejde engine instead of doing the k3 engine. I have neber owned one so i cant comment on whats best. :slight_smile:

Having owned a L700 Cuore, a EJ-DE m100 Sirion, and a K3-VE2 m101 Sirion. I prefer the EJ-DE for daily driving but the k3 does feel great in spirited if only the gears were closer together.


Thanks mokeman I’ll give it a go and thanks all for the welcome.
Are there any cuores running the jb-det from the copen? Is that an option worth considering or is it possible to bolt on the turbo gear to the ejde?

It certainly is an option I guess most people opt for the k3 engine from a sirion gtvi

I guess there’s no replacement for displacement, unless we chuck a rotary in the mix

If I was going through with the conversion, I’d want the simplest bolt in option, didn’t even know the jb-det was an option till reading the guide

Pressure is dependent on many things. Tires, tire wear/age, alignment, how you drive and so on. The L700 I had briefly on loan needed 38 frt. Back not so sensitive and running a bit lower to improve ride. Thing got thrashed all the time

I have owned only a Cuore with a K3 but have owned M100 sirion with EJ and M101 with K3.

With the sirions 0-60 and around town driving the EJ was probably better suited and the engine is cheaper to maintain… with that said I personally prefer the K3 engine, it is much more “spirited” when you give it a squirt and is in my experience better on fuel if you don’t ring its neck all day.

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Welcome to the forum

Jb-det? Might as well stay with the EJ naturally or just boost the EJ.
The jb wont produce as much torque as the EJ will naturally/boost.


Great debate this one
I’ve almost got one of my L7s back on the road with k3ve2 and after a few basic runs I’d have to say its the best package yet
I’ve had probably every interesting daihatsu out there except the copen and I reckon this is the most fun
I haven’t done big Kay’s yet cause the car isn’t quite there, but if you drag the FD down the sirion ratios are pretty handy. I’m running 13x5.5s on it and it seems great.
But next step will be to pull the box and bring them all down heaps more with much lower FD so itl be best for circuit. But will be interesting to see how itl go on road. Possibly chew a bit more fuel

But I’m considering turbocharging the ej as well. Spoken to a few lads in Japan who have now, as I have one that’s about in need of a rebuild…for the hundred hours or so taken to swap to k3, it could be well spent on an engine rebuild and turbo tasties …although suspect the gearbox won’t love too much of that :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for all the suggestions and input, I think I have finally settled on the ej-ve, something simple to bolt in with the least headache.

Was wondering what I would need? Can I use the existing wiring from the L700 and fit the ej-ve ecu to the stock wiring?

And to confirm as I’m a bit confused, but the ej-ve can be found in the sirions?