Hello from the Gold Coast of Australia

Only just getting back into forums after a long siesta from them :slight_smile:

I currently am finishing my long term Handivan build, into the eleventh year. Almost finished it 6 years ago but had a shed fire that pretty much erased all my progress, but on the bright side, gave me a chance to change everything I hated about it at the time.
I’ve stuffed a V6 ecotech, 5 Speed and commodore diff into it . Finally got it running :smiley:

Tech specs for those interested.

Front suspension is a vn commodore k-frame shortened and mated to the stock rack and struts.
Rear suspension is stock vn diff shortened using stock vn lower arms and custom triangulted top arms. Running 3.08 gears and lsd center
All brakes are stock VN discs using the standard booster and master cylinder to operate.
Front tyres are 195/45/15 running on 6.5" rims
Rear ryres are 235/45/17 running on 7.5" rims
Engine is a stock VX 3.8l V6 ecotech with a mild cam running a standard commodore 5 speed
Track and wheelbase has been kept as standard
I have fabbed extractors to suit running into twin 2 1/2" cats so far. Finishing the rear of the exhaust at the mo.


Welcome. Really fun looking build. Can’t wait to see and hear more.

Welcome back!!!

I believe you began a thread on daiforum before it crashed and data was lost, I always wondered where you went!

Looking very forward to seeing this :+1:

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Welcome. been following your videos on youtube for some time.

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Love it! Is there any chance of it getting regoed? What are you plans with it?

It’s going to be a fun car :smile: and I am going to get it rego’d, already got the mod plate :blush:

A toy that will take out on no rainy days for obvious reasons.
To be sitting at a set of lights and have a wanker in a mustang pull up, then take off and leave them in the dust
Something that I can run down a quarter mile to see how fast it goes
Go on a track day and see what i can get around a circuit like lakeside

Basically something that’s fun to drive and give you that fizz

BTW, if anyone need any brackets or what not fabbed up, let me know and I might be able to help out


Lakeside = heaps of fun but not forgiving. QR has a lot more “off areas”. As opposed to the higher speeds of sprints it may be well suited to khanacross. Perhaps hillclimb too.

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We’ll be most likely doing a trackday at lakeside next year. Would be awesome to have this rocket there.


I’ll make sure my days free for that :smile:
Really want to know how this thing goes, still haven’t got out of second yet and thats scary enough

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