Hello From the Graet Smokey Mountians

I live in Asheville NC, USA. Have a S83 Hijet 4WD dump bed that has be come my favored daly drive over all the other cars I have, well truck I have as don’t have any real cars. I love driving this thing.
But I cries for a 5 th gear. I have no issue with EF-VS engine but really would like a 5 th gear. Could the 1.0 L engine with a 5 speed easly fit? If so getting one here is ???
When I park it I get stopped all the time by people wanting to know about it or just saying ‘I want your truck!’. Sorry not for sale. I got it 3 years ago but Hijets have just become street legal in my state in the last year. Before that you had to get a title from another state and then bring it into North Carolina. This lead to a rediculose issue where you would see them driving legally on teh raod but could not get a NC tile to get a liensence plate. Finally this year NC quit being a pain and I got mine on the road not just in the cove I own.
I am looking to work on the front suspension as it bottoms out on any real bump at speed. May just need new springs, not sure.
The place I love this truck to most is at the gas pump :grinning:, drive all week and need 4 to 5 gallons (20 l or so)


welcome to the forum :slight_smile: not sure but you could look at a simillar model Atrai for a 5sp box, as to if the 1L fits that’d be something you might have to find out by attempting yourself

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Welcome aboard. I think Mokeman’s idea would be a good one to look into regarding the gearbox. I have never had a hijet myself so don’t really know whats what with them.
Got any pics? would love to see this little beast?