Hello from The Netherlands L700 L701

Hello to all,

About a week ago I bought a second hand Daihatsu Cuore L701 as my first car. Gotta say I love it and am planning on keeping it for a long time.
The car is in very good shape inside as well as outside. It has a very dark grey metallic color that I haven’t seen so often. Also it only has 36.000km on the clock and I got it from the very first owner who bought it in 2001! It also has a full stainless steel exhaust.
The car has zero rust and pretty much no scratches so I’m a happy boi. And all that only costed me €700.

I’m planning on keeping most things stock, I’m no fan of TR bumpers etc (sry). As of yet, I bought Renault Twingo 14" steel rims. I’m gonna spend quite some money on audio. An exhaust remote valve will be coming soon.

Looking forward to learning a lot more on this forum!


welcome aboard! That l7 looks very clean. Nice score!

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Welcome. The L700 is a great thing. Stick to the limited intended mods and enjoy low cost trouble free transport.


Welcome to the forum, mate.

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Hello friend, welcome to live to dai. You bought a nice little devil there! :love_you_gesture:

In my opinion, I would change the rims to aluminum, same size as the factory. If they are 13" steel, then 13" aluminum. :blue_car:

If the new rims are widder than the stock, excample, the stock are J5xR13 and the new aluminum are J6xR13, I would change the tires from 155/65/R13 to 160/55 or 50/R13, to balance the new width of the rim, with the height of the tire. That way, the car will be balanced and your consumption will be almost the same as if the stock were on. :wink: