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I am Marwin, a 24 y.o. Automotive Engineering student from the Netherlands. I live in Didam (a village near the German border), although I rent a little place near Rotterdam for my study. I don’t really have much more to say about myself, so let’s start with my vehicles:

When I got my drivers license about 7 years back I first bought a 1983 Mitusbishi Galant, see the bottom picture. Although I bought it as my first car, when I changed studies I had to drive that Mitsubishi daily. So (my mother and) I bought a daily driver (a 2005 Hyundai Accent LC2) to keep the Mitsubishi in the storage away from the salty Dutch roads in the winter. See one of the other pictures for my daily. Apart from that I own two 1993 Kawasaki (Ninja) GPX600R motorcycles. One is just my normal motorcycle, the other originally was a donor as had an accident with the first one. The first one is back in good condition, but the donor is still waiting for a restauration/repairs. Those where until last monday all of my vehicles. So as you probably will guess, that new vehicle is a Daihatsu, and a rather odd one if I say so myself. I came across this forum via a reaction on the Japanese Nostalgic Car forum I posted, and I think it is the easiest to copy that post. So this is the story on how I just got my 1992 Daihatsu Cuore (Mira) L201 Convertible:

Last week a Facebook add for a Daihatsu Cuore convertible popped up on my feed. I love these kind of oddities, but after a quick look I went on scrolling through facebook as the car was sold at the other side of the country anyway. Later however I thought: I am going to the Zandvoort Circuit for the annual Dutch version of Japfest this weekend and the car is for sale about half an hour away from there. So I sent a message to the seller to take a look at the car sunday evening after the Japfest event. In the meanwhile I searched the internet for more information about the car and the convertible conversion. According to the add there where a total of 20 Cuores changed into convertibles (although at the inspection/testdrive the seller said probably 40 of these conversions where done). I’ve managed to find a post on the German Daihatsu forum about an Ebay-add for an L201 convertible. Unfortunately the add has disappeared as the post is from 2006. One of the reactions however, speaks about a German company named Löwer and an (I believe) Polish/German company named POP-Automobile. That is at the moment the only thing I know of the convertible conversion. I am going to ask on that forum if anyone knows more about this car/conversion.

So after a nice day at the Zandvoort Circuit I started the short journey to the seller. I made a testdrive, inspected everything I could see or check on the car and the only two problems I could find are oil hanging on the exhaust (I haven’t found the source, but the engine is clean as far as I saw from the engine bay) and a cable (I think from the clutch or gearbox) that touches the exhaust somewhat. The testdrive went smooth, engine starts great, runs great and even has a remarkable amount of power for the weight of the car. So after taking some pics I started on my journey back home, agreeing I would think it over for the drive home and message the seller that evening if I wanted to buy it or not.

After considering it a bit and talking it over with a friend I decided to bid on the car. The seller went along with the bid and we agreed to pick up the car the next day (yesterday). It took some organizing, and eventually it became clear the seller didn’t have the code to transfer the ownership of the car. But the seller is taking care of that so I can transfer it to my name later this week. Anyway, I drove the car to the storage where I keep my Galant. I’ve driven about 160km without any problems, except for one of the turning lights that needs replacement (probably the reason the seller suggested the best test drive route was turning right most of the time XD). As the APK (Dutch MOT) is almost expired, I am going to order all the parts needed for maintenance and everything I need to replace, but it shouldn’t be too long before that will be completed and it wil get a fresh APK.

So apart from showing a few more pics of this lovely little car there is one thing to do: I want to ask if anyone knows more about this car or convertible conversion. Every piece of info is welcome, as I want to know more about the car.

It is originally a 3-door Cuore/Mira, I don’t know which trim. The first registration is from 12 June 1992, so just like myself it will be 25 years old in a few weeks. It is imported in november 2001 to the Netherlands, probably originally from Germany. It also has two convertible roofs: the one with the windows in it and one in a kind of coupe style without windows in it.


Welcome to the forum Marwin, nice little mira you have there, i especially love the wheels :slight_smile: good luck with finding out info for it. also the Glant looks pretty sweet, here in Australia they were released as a Sigma, is it the 2L or 2.6L motor?

Thanks Mokeman,

I love the wheels on the Mira too.

The Galant is a 1.6L, a very simple and straight forward 4-cylinder 8 valve engine. It should produce 75 HP, but while we where going to Japfest Silverstone about one and a half week back with a group, the Galant went on the dyno and did a few runs with 82,5HP as max output. So I have nothing to complain about.

The 2.6 wasn’t sold here in Europe, we got a 1.6L, a 2.0L, a 2.0L Turbo and a 2.3L Turbo Diesel. I have the best equipped version with a 1.6L engine and unfortunately they are so rare I haven’t seen any other Galant in the same trim as mine since I bought the car.

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Welcome Marwin,

I love your intro man and as Mokeman said very nice Sigma (Galant for you) I was into Galant’s and sigma’s before i was into daihatsu. I sold all my Galants and sigma’s when I sold my house and moved across the country.
All the pic I have were before it was easy to put a pic on the internet.
I only have some pics of my 74 gb galant that are tiny but I will post them up so you can have a look.
Also your mira (What we call them here) we call them a mira topless here. There was only about 40 here from what I know and I know of 3 so far (probably more that I may have forgotten) there was a car rental company in Noosa Queensland that got them made. I guy lastyear posted up some pics he found of the specs and paperwork for the first one made I believe. I dont know if your one is included in that 40 or if there was another 40 done else where. Maybe we should do a Wiki (@FrAsErTaG) here so everyone can update info what they know of the topless. It would be a handy thing I think.
Anyway welcome once again and here is some pics of my old 1974 gb galant for you

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Welcome to the forum mate, nice collection you have :+1:

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Glad you found the forum Marwin, hopefully you can get some more info :wink:

Thanks everybody! I have a little update: Since my last post I have had the opportunity to get a better look at the bottom of the car. Like I saw and felt during the buy most of the bottom is really hard and rustfree under the Cuore. Except for one spot I missed then: the subframe has a hole with a diameter of about 5cm in it. There is no way it will pass APK (Dutch MOT) with that hole. I bet that is the reason the previous owners wanted to sell the car cheap with just a few days APK.

This means either welding the hole or getting a new/other subframe. Welding is allowed under certain rules, although I prefer getting a new/better subframe as I don’t have the tools to weld myself and I like the idea of a rustfree subframe better. Does somebody know where I could source one? I already got a quote from a junkyard with a questionable reputation for €250-€350 and a quote for a new subframe for around €600 from the dealership, but I am sure I can fix it cheaper. Does anybody know (or can find) what the subframe part number is? Because maybe a new aftermarket subframe is the answer. If those prove to not be the solutions I can always arrange for the hole to be welded.

Apart from this (a bit) sad news, as it will take some time to get this fixed properly, I also have some other news: I couldn’t help myself buying another “project”. Which will eventually become my daily driver: I had the opportunity to buy a 1993 Hyundai Sonata on LPG/autgas. As it is about 1/3th of the price of gasoline and half of the diesel price per liter here it is financially rather interesting. Apart from that the car has quiet a few options (leather interior, wood panels on the dash and steering wheel, central locking, alarm, power windows, power mirrors, automatic antenna, and even cruise control), so I would say ideal for daily driving. I bought the car for less than half of what I payed for the Daihatsu, which was a 3 figure number already. However, there is a catch as the timing belt snapped. But together with buying a complete and working donor engine I payed less than I payed for the Daihatsu. So end of next week I will get the donor engine and will start the engine rebuild (or swap if the current one has too much damage). And I can hopefully cruise comfortable and cheap within the near future. When that time comes, the current daily (the Hyundai Accent) will get some mods for better handling and performance to make it a bit faster on the track.


About two months have passed, and it appeared to be a more difficult task to find a subframe. Well, at least for a reasonable price. And while my Galant had an MOT inspection, they found out the left sill had quet some rust on it. Apparently, somewhere sometime before I bought the Galant, somebody used kit to cover up rust. With the result that now (at least) seven years later it is even worse. So I had nothing else to do than to bring the Galant to a welder. I put one and one together, so I just figured: why not bring both cars to the welder. As the Daihatsu only had that hole in the subframe to be fixed it was ready quiet fast.

So at the beginning of this week the Daihatsu was ready for pickup, complete with a new APK/MOT as well. Apart from the hole in the subframe it needed three new light bulbs to get through. I picked it up Wednesday with a friend. Unfortunately we didn’t had much time as he had to get to work. So we just drove it straight home in a fast pace on the highway and I have to say: Despite just having 41hp it is quiet fast! from standstill it shoots away, acceleration is no problem and 130km/h on the highway is no issue (except for the mileage XD).

I took it to my internship today. Too bad the weather doesn’t allow to open the top completely, but driving with the softtop closed is still a blast. And during lunch when I drove it to the supermarket I zipped the rear window up, which gave it a bit more of a convertible feeling. I’m going to drive home in a few minutes, let’s hope the weather is good enough to put the softtop down!


I had a blast driving the car from my internship home with the softtop off friday. And as I had a go-kart/BBQ meet with friends yesterday I could share the fun of the little convertible with a few friends. I took some pictures friday: