Hello from the NL, G10, G201, M301

hello All,

I just joint the old forum before we switched, so I figure I would reintroduce myself here again.

Some background info: 33 Years old and somewhat infected by the Daihatsu virus.

My first car was a white '94 G200, Added 15"rims and lowered it, no engine mods though, unfortunately the car is no more.

After the G200 I both a silver '06 Sirion 2 sport with 60k km on the clock this was in 2010, currently at 215k km and stil going strong. its also lowered and on bronze 16" rota grid.


next to the Sirion I have a '82 charade G10 which we used as our wedding car. the car is in need of some works, and I’m thinking of selling her. main reason is that I just don’t have time to do a full restauration on her as I already have a project for restauration.

our wedding car :slight_smile:

Namely an original '94 De Tomaso which is undergoing a full restauration.
this was when I both it, My goal is to bring it back to original, so not so low as here :slight_smile:

I also had a L251 cuore, and a G11 daimatic but is was getting a bit to much (words of my wife not me) so I sold those.

and then as a Daily I drive an Opel Astra station diesel from 2016, not really an interesting car but it does the job.

Regards Grg200


Welcome to the forum.

welcome to the new forum, love the G10, be a shame to get rid of it but like you said, DeTomaso :heart_eyes:

welcome mate good to see you here. I cant wait to see how the De Tomaso fully restored. Not that many around but in saying that they have been popping up everywhere lately.

Hi mate Detomaso looks good :wink: I’m currently doing the same thing as you pretty much restoring mine to stock.

thanks guys,

I do like the G10, and it was great as a wedding car, but looking at it realistically, I only drove it for 5 km last year thats it. I actually prefer the Sirion 2 over it. And I dont have space or time to do a full restauration on it so I’m hoping to find someone that has that time.

My first car was a G200, and the DeTomaso is the ultimate version of it (for me at least). its the only one in the Netherlands, and as far as I have been able to dig up one of for in Europe.

it is in a bad state, some where in its live it feels like they dragged it behind the ship in stead of on bord, there is a lot of rust.

Small update on the cars, I’m currently making a Car rotisserie for the DeTomaso so its easier to work on the underside.

And with pain in my hart I sold de G10, in the last 2 year we only drove it for approx 15 km and most of that was from and to the winter garage. Found a collector that also own a G11 Diesel, a G200 and a few Rocky’s (7) so it went to a good home and I can now focus completely on the DeTomaso


It is a shame that you had to sell the G10 but good to see it has gone to an enthusiast :slight_smile:

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