Hello from the states

hello everyone!
just registered. just accquried a detomaso mini innicenti ith the cb motor in it. im already in love with it. ive been playing with trying to get it running. the car has sat for awhile. oping to learn about the cars and motors in here!!


Welcome jr_fab. Sounds like an interesting project. When you say states I presume you mean USA?

Welcome to the forum, that’s a rare beast you have there :open_mouth:

yes usa!

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Can’t wait to see some pics. Where in the USA?

And welcome.

Mokeman… yes I think it’s pretty limited… any idea how many they made? Mine is a 1985

I’m in ohio

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heres a pic of her!



I honestly have very little knowledge about these apart from what i have read online when i was researching Alejandro de Tomaso a few years back.

Welcome and hello to the madness of owning a daihatsu :smiley: