Hello from the UK/England 🇬🇧

Now then, I’m new to the forum and im also new to forums as a whole so please bare with me. I have joined the forum as I should be the new owner of a Daihatsu Cuore L700 989cc manual 3dr in the next few days. I’ve experienced a range of cars BMW/Mercedes petrol and diesel, fords, Vauxhall’s, eg civic still in my ownership, VAG group cars, Subaru Justys ect and I have found that although I like RWD and bigger well built cars, there is something fantastic about small little cheap cars that are simple and cheap to modify.
I also may have caught the Cuore bug about 10 years ago when mighty car mods was new and I was a young teenager…


G’day mate and welcome to the forum. I caught the Daihatsu bug around the time that MCM just started but it was coincidental.
These are great cars, I have been sampling them of various models and years. All have there ups and downs.
I hope you find what you are looking for in the forum.

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Gday’and welcome to the forum, any idea on plans for the little beast?

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Welcome, fantastic to have you join us.

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Great to have new member’s with the dai bug. Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

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Well as ambitious as it may seem, I would like to turbo charge the original EJ engine. I’ll be getting an exhaust manifold flange Lazer cut and fabricating a very compact manifold myself. Leaving the internal standard and running low boost I’m hoping 0.5 bar shouldn’t stress it too much. Obviously I’ll need lager injectors, piping, intercooler ect and the most difficult part being ECU/Management. I’ve noticed that people use a Greddy Emanage Blue piggyback system which will probably be my last resort as I will be trying to use the factory ECU if possible. I’m in a fortunate position that my good friend is a bit of an ECU genius and remaps Volvo’s, VW’s ,BMW’s ,Honda’s without using expensive software. By this I mean he makes xdf files from scratch to work out all the maps in an ECU and opens them in Tuner Pro. Does anyone have a photo of an l700 ECU with the cover removed as I don’t have my car yet :joy: thanks for the warm welcome to the forum


Welcome to the forum! Also, have an awesome year! :partying_face:
Looking forward to the turbo charging of your little beast! :star_struck:
If it is posible, can you post some pictures of your L700 for us to see? That would be awesome! :grin:

Have a nice stay! :metal:


don’t hold your breath on the ecu, Daihatsu’s are locked from factory but if he can do it, it will interest alot of people. i have a turbo on an EJ-DE in my L200 mira, using the EF-DET manifold, rhb3 turbo and dump pipe that are factory and they bolt straight onto the engine and original exhaust, as yet haven’t gone to an ecu but looking at a Speeduino as they use Tunerstudio same as the Megasquirts.

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Awesome, I’ll have to have a look at your build thread! By locked do you mean immobilized, the main challenge to remap the ECU is finding out which chip on the ECU has the map data on it, that’s what I will struggle with, once that’s found its a case of desoldering the chip and reading the file, then making sense of the coding which holds all the information for the different maps, for example ignition timing will have the axis values perhapse 16x16 table, the scaling for RPM and Load on each axis and then the map values plotted on the axis. It’s a lot of work and I’m far from an expert myself but I see the challenge as a learning opportunity for myself. I will probably look at different generations of ECU used on the E series engine as older ECUs may be easier thats if I can get hold of some. If you look at 90’s Honda’s people use obd1 ECUs then get a jumper harness to run it in an obd2a or obd2b car

ECUs cheap these days. Go with something with a focus on how easy it will be to tune. I run Autronics as I like the input and output options, plus data logging. Gotta have data logging to help nut things out. Std bottom end is good for 1.5bar of boost.

1.5 bar of boost is impressive, I was wondering whether the factory turbo engines were stronger than the likes of an ej-de. Will they take that much boost with standard compression ratio?
I may well fail with my ECU idea but I think it’s worth a look into as I currently have no knowledge of them other than the fact they’re denso I believe. You’d be surprised what is sometimes possible with an original ECU, honda obd1 ECUs e.g. a p28 can be data logged from and with an EPROM emulator can be mapped whilst driving via USB.

Yes they will take that boost with std compression. However, my limited experience is that you need an with closed loop feedback (wide band 02) and fairly good knock detection (which is where I would want the data logging) if pushing to the threshold. With your low boost though the factory ecu should be okay, but I’d still run a wide band 02 sensor with a narrow band output for the factory ecu, this is so you know for sure what your mixtures are doing. Here a gauge and sensor is about $300au and is cheap insurance for an engine. On the Daihatsu I use a Innovate (these get a lot of neg comments but my experience is positive and many comments not backed with data, my NA Subaru car I race currently is Innovate and my WRX is AEM. The lsu 4.2 sensors are not as quick as the more modern lsu 4.9 but these latter ones are less popular with some guys I know as it is claimed they don’t handle heat as well. A few guys here have been playing with factory ecus upping the rev limit and tinkering with the throttle position tables (Alpha - N). My race car uses this sort of tuning and I now only need to tinker with fuel pressure to ensure that at WOT I am getting the lambda figures I need for max power (about to go to a full aftermarket ecu though). But a turbo engine really should be tuned and monitored for air density, monitored/logged for lean/rich with a closed loop 02 feedback and have knock detection/logging if you can get this in an ecu (they will advance timing in the event of an issue to reduce peak combustion pressures). The playing with the factory ecu is really cool. If you go that route we’d be really interested in hearing how it goes. If you are going to be dyno tuning see what your dyno tuner supports. I’ve gone with the latter and spent a lot more on an ecu knowing I can do 90% of the tune myself on road setting my air fuel ratios, load the car, go through all rpm logging table cells and get finer things like transient setting as you go on/off throttle smoothed out and find the best fuel mixture for max power.

EJ-DE ecu with cover off for you.

Not sure of your goals. Quite a few guys here have gone the turbo ej-de route while others have done the K3VE direction. The latter is my choice and my first hand experience is that this is the best value option (k3VE is easy to source here) and best driveability. I’ve come across two turbo K3VEs locally…big power!

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Your 100% right about a wideband lambda, knock detection ect I couldn’t agree more, I have a wideband lambda ready to put to use however the ignition timing I’m scared of, I’ll be using an old rule that retarding the timing 1/2 or 1 degree per psi should be safe and getting it tuned on a Dyno at a later date.
I’ve read @evilhighway s post regarding clocking ECUs it was definitely interesting, Ive not had time to read much on the forum yet but I can say that everyone seems happy to help eachother which is great so thankyou
Also thanks for the photo it means I can look up the processor and I’m planning to stay 3cylinder for the cool sound but think it will be a bit on the slow side hence the turbo conversion


from reading and speaking to people, 1 degree per psi boost for retarding timing to start with

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Forum-wise there is a fantastic culture here and it is pleasing to have an international dai-family contingent here despite the balance of people here being mostly South East Coast of Australia. There is a much bigger dai following on Facebook, however, there the same questions pop up over and over and answers are quickly lost to history. And in my opinion FB is more about image than a spirit of “continuous improvement” and reciprocal help that you will find here.

Concerning ignition timing, if you have the head off get rid of all sharp edges blended or radiused. As you prob know this will ensure no hot sports in the combustion chamber and reduces the chance of detonation. The EJ has good squish as the perimeter of the pistons come close to the head. Therefore the flame travels less distance at tdc and less advance is needed and better bmep theoretically. If you look at the cross section of an EJDE and that of Cosworth heads they are very similar. Cosworth (and Honda to some extent) were the first to get “it” right for the optimization of ignition timing.


Good luck with the turbo, and I’m really curious about what you can achieve with the ECU!

Well the little Cuore had sold by the time I’d traveled down south, however I’ve found another different e series powered car for sale and it’s a bit cooler/more unique. I’ll leave it as a surprise but I’ll upload a photo on Wednesday when I should be collecting it :grin:


Welcome! I know it was a typo but I think most Aussies will like the idea of lager injectors.

Nothing like a beer boost on a hot day.



This is my new/first daihatsu although it’s badged as a perodua nippa. I believe it’s almost the same as an l200 Mira with a different front end. It’s a 850cc 6 valve fuel injection engine. I’m guessing I should now start a build thread where I can tell you guys all about the car and share my progress.