Hello from the UK! L700 Owner Preparing for track days 😀

Hello to all the lovely Daihatsu owners! Bare with me as I have never posted anything in a forum before!

I have been browsing this forum for a few months now and spoken to some of you on instagram. I have read forums before but never took part in them. Since buying my first ever Daihatsu and reading through this forum the first thing I thought was, wow, Daihatsu owners are so friendly and no one judges anyones decisions! Rather rare in the car community I think.

Just a little back story to how I ended up going down the rabbit hole of Daihatsus. I currently own the new shape Suzuki Jimny which myself and my partner often use for exploring and camping. The more I modified the Jimny the more I realised that I needed a second car… So I spent sometime looking round for the ideal car and I came across the Daihatsu Cuore. I of course instantly went on google images to see how people modified them and I spotted @applegeek897 with his L700 and thought wow what a car! I fell in love with it! So thanks to James I now own a L700 :joy: It also reminded me of the days MCM rebuilt their L700 so I ended up rewatching all their videos from before.

Also thanks to this Daihatsu, my partner now wants one too but maybe a Copen instead haha.

As time went on I started to really enjoy driving the Cuore and some mates at work dared me to take it round a track, Donington Circuit. I was thrilled and never had so much fun before!! And from that day, I have no committed to make it a little track weapon of some sorts. Of course just like many of you I will be fitting it with the K3-VE2 engine from a Sirion M100.

Here’s some photos of my Cuore and Jimny.


Welcome, good to see another UK based forum member!

Your L700 looks amazing, there’s not even a car park dent on it! (at least not on the drivers side :smiley: ) - those wheels really set it off too.

There are some impressive track cars on here so have a look around and enjoy the technical knowledge - as well as friendly people


Hi! I have had a look through your Sirion build, its coming along nicely i like it :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha theres a horrible dent in the rear which bugs me a lot, it didn’t at the time of purchase as it was only suppose to be a daily run around car but its now started to really bug me haha :laughing:

I’ll keep an eye out for the track day Daihatsus.

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I love the way your car looks and the modifications you’re doing! And yes, that is of course partially because we have the same rims and body colour :stuck_out_tongue: . It’s nice to see you on the forum as well, and I’m excited to see you making your own topic and show us the process of your trackbuild :slight_smile:

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Welcome mate, Sounds like you definitely caught the Daihatsu bug. Love the back story and the continuation.
We are a fairly unique bunch of people in the car community and that’s such a great thing in this day and age.
I look forward to hearing more of what happens with the L7 and if your partner does end up with a dai also. :slight_smile:


Thank you Daniël! hahaha yes our wheels! I can’t believe we have the same wheels but they do suit the Cuore so well! Yes it was about time I got my ass in gear and wrote something in the forum, I will crack on with a new topic soon and talk about my build and progress :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi! hahaha yes the Daihatsu bug is deep into me now, such a fun car to work on and play with!
The back story is such a typical one for us car people, ‘oh I just need this car for this purpose and I promise I won’t modify it…’
I will crack on soon with writing out my progress I have done so far. I do hope she does I secretly like the Copen quite a bit!:stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the forum! would love to see what becomes of this car, working on a track oriented Cuore as well, maybe we can share ideas etc :wink: