Hello from the UK

Hello everyone. Not yet managed to get myself a Daihatsu though always been intrigued by the G100 Charades, both in GTti and Turbo-Diesel forms as well as generally interested in little known aspects of Daihatsu’s history.

Recently discovered Live to Dai via the H-Series engine article, is it known whether the H-Series was related to any existing engine (especially given its ties with Toyota)? The same question goes for the 3-cylinder Daihatsu C-Series regarding any 4-cylinder relation whether produced or experimental, along with if the 3-cylinder version was capable of being stretched beyond 993cc?

Seems a shame Daihatsu never persisted with 3-cylinder and dieselized versions of the H-Series engine.

Lastly and more regarding the Daihatsu Applause, is it known if any other bodystyles considered beyond the sole 5-door notchback hatchback variant? Also would it be accurate to say the Applause was possibly derived from a stretched G200 Charade platform?


Welcome. The H series guys should be able to help. Glad you have joined us

Not sure about the UK but here in the Netherlands we have the Daihatsu Valera which basically is a stretched out charade. The Applause is a follow up on the old Daihatsu Charmant i thought. Correct me if I’m wrong… :roll_eyes:

Welcome to the forum :smiley: I think you will find the main reasons Daihatsu didn’t keep going with the motors was the increasing ownership by Toyota, pretty sure the CB & H Series were Daihatsu designed and built, they had the 2.5L and 2.8L 4 cyl diesels already and also regarding the size of motor well Daihatsu was known to be Japan’s " Big Little Car Company, and having driven a G10 charade years ago and owned a G11 charade, they really do surprise you with the power toweight ratio. At the time, early to mid 1980’s, they were more involved in rallying than any other form of motorsport and within the rules you have to run a certain weight depending on the size of the motor. The G200 had the sedan version also so highly unlikely the Applause was thought of from that, more like an " Executive’s " vehicle i would have thought.

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Meant stretched out platform in the sense of the G200 Charade / Valera being to the Applause what the mk3 Ford Escort was to the NA Ford Tempo or at least there being significant commonality between the two models.


Was there any relation (however distant) between the C-Series and H-Series engines (loosely akin to the 3/4-cylinder Suzuki G engine used in the similarly-sized Swift/Barina) or was the H-Series a completely clean-sheet designs unrelated to the C-Series?

Given Daihatsu’s ties with Toyota also heard unsubstantiated rumors of the C-Series sharing some undefined relationship to the Toyota A engine (along with possibly the diesel Toyota N unit).

I don’t have anything that meaningful to contribute to the discussion other then I’ve not seen a h series engine pop up for sale recently for whatever reason…

The cb engine however is still produced today for odd things like farm vehicles and forklifts…

As I said probably not meaningful but I personally had no issues with the cb engine that I had in a g100 but my father in law had many issues with the head and head gasket of his h series foroza, these issues I beleave (without warrant) is the reason the terious switched from the h series to the k3ve after just 1 year