Hello! It's another person from New South Wales, Australia!

Hello friends!
Basically, I’ve been skulking around on the Facebook page for a while and made a few posts, and thought that it was about time I actually joined the forum :sweat_smile:
I own 2 L201 Handivan Miras. One as a daily driver which I’ve been trying to make look as cool and clean as possible, while the other Mira is most likely going to be made into a track beast (Hoping to push 250 - 300kw out of a VTEC or SR20 swap :slight_smile:)
I hope to make myself a little more known in the Daihatsu Community and connect with some chill people around these parts :slight_smile:
Thanks, Mitchell.

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welcome to the forum Mitchell :smiley: be interesting to see the track beast take shape

Welcome Roosef (Mitchell),
Make sure you document the track beast. will be interesting to see.

Welcome :slight_smile: