Hello! L200 Owner - 00KEI

Hi all!

My name is John and I’ve owned a neat little L200 a little over a month ago. It’s been floating around for a little while now and a few of you within the community might be familiar with 00KEI and it’s previous owner(s).

I’m using it as my daily and it puts a massive smile on my face and everyone who sees it chugging along!

As far as I’m aware (may not be 100% correct), these are mods that are on it (if anyone is able to chime in regarding the history of this car please do!):

  • custom exhaust (has an awesome note)
  • appears to be some type of coilovers in the front I haven’t had a close look, excel shocks in the back on king springs
  • TRXX front bar
  • dished steering wheel
  • JDM glovebox
  • JDM dash clock (Mira branded)
  • Weds Albino Fin wheels (RARE AF JDM alpina lookalikes)
  • C-pillar chassis brace

Don’t have big plans for it, just want to neaten it up (needs the headlining redone), perhaps a bit of paint correction to help with some faded paint, and maybe a sound system (nothing hectic! just after some good SQ) as I am running a factory tape deck in it.

Anyway, looking forward to any meet ups and cruises the community might have planned!



Welcome. It is a great looking L200. For a road car it’s visually close to perfect. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more.


Looks real neat mate. Love the plates too.

Welcome mate! I know of the car but don’t really know any of it’s history etc other than it looked really clean.

L200s are way cool, love that boxy look. Welcome mate!

Thanks for the warm welcome! It’s my first daihatsu so I’ll definitely be leveraging the wealth of knowledge from you guys