Hello Mira trxx

Introducing my Mira
Don’t know anything about it. Other then if fun to drive :hugs:
I have a replica as a kid and have wanted another for a while now. Red one is the one I had ages ago.

Anyways I’ll thinking aftermarket ecu so I can have it tuned. What are people running? I’ve been recommended the haltech 750 elite but I’m open to other options as the 1st quote was 5-6k for the haltech.
waiting on another quote.

I’m located in Brisbane so if anyone has recommendations of workshops that may be able to help me out that’d be awesome.

Also after some coil overs


Welcome. Great looking TRXX. The Haltech is good. Do you have someone in mind who will tune it? I use old Autronics and that decision was based on my tuner knowing lots about them (not much support online). For Brisbane a Haltech or Motec will be right up there for high level support and knowledge. Any ECU these days with closed loop O2 is going to be better than the factory ecu or than a factory ecu with piggy back.


Yeah hoping to get it in to Cleveland exhaust. Just waiting for a quote from him. He has a very busy shop and a waiting list for tunes. But yeah I’m open to suggestions for actually supplying and fitting.

Hey mate welcome and really nice looking trxx.

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