Hello! New Avanzato R owner in US 🇺🇸

Hi everyone! Just bought a 111km 1995 Mira Avanzato R and drove it from San Diego back home to Atlanta :us: It was 2,300 miles at 100kph, 4500rpm the entire way and quite the bumpy adventure :rofl:

I’m excited about the car and driving it more around town. I currently have an issue with power steering working only periodically so this is my project for now :slight_smile:


Welcome Colbey,
That is a great looking Mira Advanzato
With the power steering a lot of us (especially Australia) wont be able to give any advice as many of us have dais with no power steering.
I guess you could try replacing the power steering fluid and see if it makes an improvement. Also check to see if the belt has good tension etc also I guess

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Hey! Thank you for the welcome and the advice. To my surprise, this car actually has electric power steering with it’s own computer to run it. Shocked me to learn this. So, it’s going to be a tough one to figure out. I considered buying another power steering computer for it or taking it to a local Jdm mechanic I trust, but haven’t decided yet. I’ve tried fuses and the usual. Wish me luck, I think I’ll need it, lol!


I have a column-mounted power steering assist unit on my Suzuki Wagon R Wide of which I disconnected, because of other hopefully temporary reasons. This may possibly be an identical unit to yours.
If you simply pull your unit’s plug, this will at least eliminate those unpleasant cutting out surprises. If you really need power assist, I would convert it over to the hydraulic version of which was made available for the European market. The feedback is excellent, on those.
Before you go swapping computers, why not plug in some test lamps into the disconnected socket, in order to attempt ruling out the computer and to hopefully lay blame onto the assist unit itself?
Does yours resemble the following?

oh ok surprisingly I hadnt seen one in the Flesh over here we only got the Mira L251 that came with factory electric power steering. Not sure if they would be compatible or not as the L251 is a 2003-2005 ish model. Good luck though.