Hello! Noob here!

Hello guys!

Noob from the UK here!
Just picked up a Cuore a few weeks ago for the sum of £250! Its my daily driver! Up until recently i’ve been using my '89 Toyota Crown as a daily but where i live its just getting damaged by careless drivers so i’ve decided to park it in a safer place and daily the cuore. One issue I have with it , when i pull away a bit harsh, I get a loud clunk. Im thinking engine mount? did these cuores suffer with failing engine mounts? Thanks guys.


Welcome. Nice L700. I’d chose silver.

Yes, the mounts do often fail. They are captive though. Often people fill them with sikaflex. Someone here will know if new replacements are available. I’ve gone to full solid mount.

Thank you for the prompt reply! I’ve seen they are easily obtainable, but I’m always up for an easier alternative! Thank you!

I’ve remade them at times in my lathe from big bits of delrin. Press the old one out and then new ones in. Of for more compact fitting I just fab new ones from steel. Solid works well in a race car but shakes all to pieces at idle.


Welcome to LiveToDai! Have a nice stay!

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Thank you kindly!

Very nice price and it looks like a fairly straight unit?

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Yea it seems to have the usual rust problems. But it’s had some repairs to it. I actually love driving it! They’re super rare over here now. I do have some plans for it… I’m just waiting some ssr wheel nuts and I can start the ball rolling…

Welcome from a fellow noob from down under. Sweet little L700 mate.

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Thank you! That’s a sweet looking Charade I see!

haha thanks man - she does look sweet! Not running so good at the moment… blocks cracked… time for a new engine now

Oh damn! Sorry to hear that!