Hello over there!

Greetings everyone,

My name is Jordan, 26 years old from New Zealand. Carpet/Vinyl Storeperson, Curtain/Blind Technician.

I recently discovered the Facebook group Livetodai.com, which in short time led me to the Forums! For the past 2 years I have been using an L501 1997 Daihatsu Cuore/Mira as my daily. Since purchasing the little whipper snapper I developed an appreciation and admiration for all Kei cars.

Im no mechanic, but more of an enthusiast and here to learn more about the small world of Kei cars!


Welcome Jordan good to see people taking notice of the forum also. I look forward to hearing and seeing more about your L5

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Thank you for the warm welcome!

My hatsu isn’t anything special, it’s a 5 speed 850cc ED Series carburetor engine, L501S LX Model.

The only difference from being stock standard is the lowering springs & minor cosmetic work. My current plan is to find some new feet, but 4x110 patterned wheels have proven difficult to find for a car so small! Possible engine swap in the future…

Otherwise I will still continue to research on what I can really change about this car. Would highly appreciate any insight or info of the l500 Series



Welcome Jordan. You and your Dai! Have a nice stay! Love to see more about your Dai!

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Welcome, glad to have you join us. Have a good search through L200 and L500 builds for ideas.