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Hello all my name is taz, 27, and live in souther tasmania.
Nearly 2 years ago i boutgh a 93dahatsu mira as a cheap run about/ beater while i fixed my hilux. It wasnt my intention but i fell in love with the little buzz box and since then have had the engine rebuilt after it blew the head and have had far to much fun learning on the tiny motor to want to part with it even after a couple of love bites :wink: haha
As for the as for the car:
1993 daihatsu mira l200 badged as a 660 cc efel, but thats just about were the confusion started.

Couple of photos shes a bit rough and ive done some questionable things in the engine bay but she stiil runs pretty happily although im quite sure #1 injector is stuffed as its start to applaud me at low rpm and caueing it to miss…


Are the injectors in the ed 20 the same as the efel?

Unlikely. Is #1 spark plug fouled up or “wet”.

No, new set of plug in a few days ago…

ed20 injectors will fit an efel but have a bigger capacity. I think it’s 110cc for the ed20 and the efel is 90cc but dont quote me for sure on that. The ed20 injectors are a yellow-orange colour and the efel are more of a faded red.

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I had a good look at your engine bay pic and the engine resembles an ed20 more than an efel. although the throttle body looks to be efel the intakes are not able to be swapped over usually as 2 of the intake ports are closer together (cyl 2 and 3) than spread evenly like the efel.
I have included some pics below of an ed20. You can see some similarities with you engine and this one but some differences also.
I have heard of someone having an efel in an L500 years ago and it was more like and ed setup than an efel. I think it was @Luke that had it but can’t remember what the differences were.

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does ist say ed or ef on the engine down here

Ef, any idea where i can get ed20 injectors?

nope sorry maybe get yours serviced?

Exhaust manifold looks ED

What did the old ones look like? Was #1 different in appearance?

So head is ed? Because of the offset injector?

And block is stamped ef…

As far as im aware the blocks and heads from ed10/20 and efel are compatible, but that a un educated guess haha

yes many of these are interchangeable, at least for the cylinder bore centers, oil return and head studs and the ejde matches too.

Yes, offset looking injectors are ed and so is the exhaust manifold.

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Oh I made a big reply here but I must of done something I didn’t mean to.
I would say by the look of it your ef is not an ef-el but s different variant of ef and probably one with flat pistons and not domed like the efel. Normally the ed heads cant go on the efel for this reason but the efel heads can go on the ed.
Check out the daihstu wikki in the forums and you will see in the E series engine part there are a lot of variants of the ef and that some are 6 valve as opposed to most of the 12 valve ef-el and other’s.
for parts for your exhaust manifold and head etc I would suggest to look for ed and for block stuff look for ef. (oil filter wont matter as the ef and ed are interchangeable with each other. Z443 or Z386 from memory.

I will add your throttle body looks like an ef one and not an ed because of the idle screw on top of the throttle body. Ed’s never had that and thethrottle body’s were not a direct interchangeable item. This is one of the reasons I believe you have a different variant of EF.


Any reason other than less power to not use the efel injectors in the ed? If ui cant geg new ones…

One does not want the mixture running too lean. Can end up running hot, piston damage and or burnt valves (just to name a few issues).

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Mmm okay thank you, does any one know if there are other injectors i can get that wil be close enough?

some toyota ones will be the same but flow more fuel like 89ish camry/celica are about 215cc