Hi guys,

I’m Ryan, I live in Gatton and I have a Daihatsu Terios. It is my daily car. My passion project is a fifth gen Honda Prelude, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to join the Daihatsu scene also.

I have attached a photo of my Terios and my manual reader haha.


Thanks guy.


Welcome to the forum Ryan :slight_smile:

Welcome mate.
Always good to have a manual reader! Lol.
I found guys don’t often use them. :grimacing:
Post up some pix of your progress and we won’t hold the Honda against you. Lol

I believe owning a Honda is offset by the Daihatsu so your alright in my books lol. Welcome mate, hope you have some mean adventures in her.

Havent done anything interesting to the Terios other than general maintenance and I spent last weekend cleaning the engine bay and polishing the radiator etc. Found why its been running so bad the air filter is so clogged its not funny.

The rotors and pads died shortly after buying it so we had to replace them. The drums are shudderng under moderate load intermediately which is another thing I need to look into.

Found underneath the battery and near the strut tower is rusting so I need to remove the rust and repaint it soon.

Have a set of rims laying around I might throw onto it. received_1776207559075845

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Took her to Townsville and back the other day. Four solid days of driving and not one issue. Was really impressed with the reliability of it.


And its great for moving parts. Just hauled a short block in the boot.


Just for good measure here’s the Honda. Try to keep it clean and not a ricer mess.


Welcome to L2D

hey Ryan Welcome Im just across in laidley mate Only been here since december last year so good to see another L2D member so close to home. Terios is one of the dai’s my mrs has wanted to won but so far we have not owned one. I think she would rather a copen now though. :slight_smile: