Hey from the netherlands

hello all,

I am remco i live in the netherlands and i am 23 years old.

I own a daihatsu sirion 1 with the 1.3 engine. it’s from 2003 after the face lift like these more than te older ones.
loving the sirion but she developed some major oil burning issues.

this left me to a choice off what to do with the car.
was looking for maybe a rebuild or differend engine. but i also missed a turbo :wink:

i bought a yrv 1.3 turbo with a blow headgasket and some parking damage and now in the proces of rebuilding the engine and after that just making her look a bit better.
later on i plan on modding some stuff to make her perform bit better and more reliable


Hello there!
Looking forward to seeing how your build progresses.
Welcome! :+1:

Hi mate welcome, we are definitely getting quite a lot of people from the Netherlands here. Its really good to see and welcome. Sounds like you have a good project there underway will look forward to seeing how it goes.

We’ll be seeing a Dutch chapter soon.



Hay mate, looking forward to seeing how the 1.3 turbo rebuild goes.

welcome to the forum.
did you sell the Sirion? or are you going to put the YRV engine in the sirion?

Hey there, welcome to the forum! Looking forward to following your build and seeing some pics :slight_smile:

Welcome mate, good too see another Netherlands user, we are getting a few users from your location now :+1:

well bin busy with the rebuild off the engine almost done. had A LOT off setbacks but hopefully she will be running soon.
haven’t bin on here in a while.
probally make a build thread soon on how it went and what i have done.
don’t see these a lot in the Netherlands.

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