Hey I'm new here, nice to meet you all

Hey guys this is my first forum, i’m James lee from the facebook group and I own an L251(pictures too large but will upload soon), i love it to bits and would love to start modding it in the near future. Thanks and good work with the new forum update admins :).


Thanks mate good to see new faces here. Oh wait technically everyone is a new face now hahaha!

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Hey mate nice to meet you :smiley: yeah i guess everyone will be a new face now too haha cheers for the comment

on facebook Im James Gayler. Incase you ever get confused or needed to know. I just use different emails so my account is not linked there and I can’t be bothered making a new facebook lol.

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Sweet, haha yeah i know your pain i couldn’t link my profile so i linked my gmail acc up, on fb im James Lee Sayaxang on Facebook im sure you would’ve seen some posts.

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G’day and welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum Jambee, nice looking L251 :slight_smile: