Hey kids, Gino from sydney

Hey guys, this is my gino (hopefully you saw me cutting about at the mighty car mods meet)
Looking to do the 1.3 swap so ill be posting that here.


Welcome to the forum

I also have a now recently ginoed K3 Cuore.

Welcome to the forum, nice gino :slight_smile:

Hi mate welcome, car looks good :wink:

How much work was it to drop the k3 in ?

Hi mate your gino looks very nice! Its very shiny! have you thought about matte white at all? (@FrAsErTaG lol)
Just joking it looks great in gloss. Cant help you with the k3 swap as never owned an L7 or a siroin etc. Plenty of info if you check here, the old forum, which there are links to here in the daiforum catergory, google and mcm did the blue turd yrs ago. So have a search and see what you get. :slight_smile:

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It’s not really possible to quote this mate…
Are you going to do alll the work yourself?
Are you going to buy all the bits from a wrecker or are you going to source a doner GTVi that you can transfer everything from?

Best option is to get a GTVi, could be rear damaged etc…then do the swap yourself, won’t set you back much more then the car, some gearbox and engine oil and your valuable time.

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Welcome to the forums man! I saw you at the MCM meet haha. I have the blue copen