Hi, '99 cuore rti owner from the netherlands

Hi, My real name is Lennart, but everyone calls me Lenny. i live in the south of holland.
I recently bought a cuore from 1999 and its starting to grow on me. Was looking for a forum, and came across this one. It looks like alot of like minded people end up here. I like what i see on this forum.
I’ve always liked small cars, but this is my first japanese, most have been italian(2xfiat panda, Lancia y10 with 75hp fiat punto engine [stock is 54hp]; my current daily)

The lancia was my project car, but i needed a daily and i wanted something thats a good solid base with proper paint. The lancia has rolled paint and the interior is a bit of a mess since it used to be stripped and noisy… I’m a fan of kei cars and the culture surrounding them, so a cuore made sense, and dont regret buying it! Compared to old italian cars its feels and looks better made.

After a cleanup and full service i repaired a small hole in front of the left rear wheel. there are some other small rust spots underneath the car that i wanna fix, nothing major
Bought some lowering springs and steel 14" renault wheels with basically new vredestein sportrac tires. made some alloy centric rings for those on a lathe. Also removed the logo’s and whiper from the tailgate to clean it up a bit
…But it wasnt low enough. Luckely rear Lancia y10 springs are the same size, only shorter and had them in the basement;). Made some stainless brackets for a strap aside the damper to keep the spring under tension. Front springs were cut a little…thats better. painting the plastic cover on the tailgate silver as we speak, thats why its missing in the pic. Since i want it to be a bit of a momentum car for b roads and the occasional track day i’m refubushing the brakes and upgrading the discs. I’m using blue heat resistant paint for the brake componentsBucket seat and matching steering wheel, and cleaning up the engine bay(installed a oil catchtank today as a start) are also on the to do list. I have till the end of june to get that sorted since i’ve planned to go to the nurnburgring track in germany then, thats a good motivator


welcome Lenny looks like you have a fun project there and have some skills on a lathe too :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum Lenny, nice looking little beast you have there :slight_smile:

thanks guys,
Here are some pictures of my previous cars so you can see what i’ve been up to in the past

this was the first Fiat panda i owned. It was probably one of the lowest, had to c notch the front frame for axle clearance. Looking back it was stupid low…bumped my head on the ceiling allot and scraped a hole in the exhaust :zipper_mouth_face:

This Lancia y10 with fiat punto 1.2 engine, own it for about 6 years now, at the moment its back on stock suspension and full interior as i need a daily now…

While owning the lancia i had this panda till about 2 years ago. It was a clean and simple car, this was more about restoring and restyling rather than tuning

The engine was rebuild and painted.
Would like the cuore to be as clean as the red panda and as nice to drive as the lancia was :smiley:

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