Hi all anton here it’s been awhile

Hi all been ages since I’ve had the time to get onto the forum and it’s something I have not been using much but need to more since I got myself this car it’s been finding issues left and right currently striping my cb60 for a basic it maybe a full rebuild unsure yet
From Australia nsw central coast
18years old and have owned too many cars but the daihatsus and the community will always have a special place in my life being my first car was a 1996 daihatsu applause which was planing to boost and blew up the motor will create a build post soon and post updates every know and then- first car - new build !


Hi Anton, Looking forward to seeing what you are up to. Gormsby

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Cheers atm just a slow process perfecting everything. But then again the car will always be in the family so I guess she has to be done right !

Welcome to the forum Anton, unlike facebook, this is a good place to do a build thread so you can always go back over what you’ve done :smiley:

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