Hi all, it's Bart from Cracow

Hi again. I’m Bart (Bartek) and I live in Cracow, in Poland, which is in mid-eastern Europe.
I currently own 2 g100 Charades, one is my daily, the other one is my parts car. I had a Cuore L501 for a moment, but a box of parts is what is left of it.



welcome mate, Gla to see an increase of polish Member’s. :slight_smile: couple of nice charades you have there :slight_smile:

Hi Bart welcome to the forum. Nice to see more g100 Charades, used to own one and I am still partial to them being a damn good looking car.

Witamy or welcome

Welcome Bart, two nice looking charades there, what plans do you have for them?

Hello I am Scott from Geelong Victoria. Long time Daihatsu Fan owning over 10 charades including 3 GTti’s, 2 G11 Turbo, 1 x G100 turbo and 1 De Tomaso. Currently own a Ex Rally GTti with lots of mods :smiley:


Hi there, I’m from Germany and I also own a G100.

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Hi Guys, thanks for warm welcome:)
Lots of stuff happened in between my first post here, so I opened my build thread:)
I must say I have some precise plans for my car(s) for near future, but next few months will show if everything will work out the way I want it.
Keep your fingers crossed!