Hi all, new member, not new to daihatsu’s

Hi all, I’m a long time owner of g100 charades and am in the middle of a build with mine. Love these cars as they are cheap and very easy to work on, I’m in the middle of turbocharging my 1.3l which has 40,000kms on it.

I’ve many questions and taken some pictures along the way that I assume may help others.


Welcome Marv! If you haven’t already it might be worth also joining the livetodai Facebook group.

Joined, thanks for that.

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Welcome to the forum, keen to see this beast

Welcome to the forum.

I have two g100 model charades at the moment, i did have three but I recently just sold one, also had 59,000kms on it. I’ll navigate to the build thread and post up some progress.

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welcome Marv. I might just say WOW 40thou K’s thats awesome.

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