Hi all New to Live to Dai and newish to daihatsu

Hi all wanted to introduce myself and soon my new to me 1986 Daihatsu G30 charade turbo Diesel.

I’m based in NZ and drove the car which had been parked for an indeterminate amount of time from Ngatea to Auckland after purchasing it sight unseen for very little money over Facebook. It needs a lot of love but I fully intend to bring it back to road legal over the course of the year. While this is not my first Daihatsu its the first Daihatsu I’m actually going to be tearing into as a project. Previously Ive owned two L700 EJ-DE powered miras which I sorely regret selling. This seems like the place to share my project with like minded individuals as well as to seek help and inspiration for what I want to do to it.

Photos of the car to come
Nice to meet you all in advance


Welcome! We love pictures, so if you got any please share.

Sounds like a great project!

Welcome to the forum. I would like to see pictures of the turbo diesel

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Welcome mate!